My research activities are in following four major areas of nanopharmacology:

Development of nanotechnology based next generation targetd drug delivery systems:

Our group is working on development of smart nanocarriers as a targeted drug delivery vehicles against deadly diseases like breast cancer,colorectal carcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma. Various drug delivery vehicles such as liposomes,chitosan nanoparticles and mesoporous silica nanoparticles are currently being investigated for the same in our group.


In today's era of  healthcare system there is a strong need to  develop Point of Care (POC) non invasive diagnostic tool for household use.We are working to explore nanoparticle based nanobiosensor for diagnostic  usage  which can be used by a common man. Our group is working  to develop various nanobiosensors which will be sesitive and accurate too.


Imaging based diagnostics are an important tool in modern medicine.The detection limit could be shifted widely downwards through nanoparticle (nanoparticles) assisted bioimaging thus realizing very early detection of diseases such as cancer.Our group is trying to develop biomaging materials which are less toxic,less immunogenic and effective also.

Green synthesis of nanoparticles:

Our group is also engaged in synthesis of value added nanomaterials using green chemistry approach.Synthesis of nanoparticles can be achieved through chemical,physical and biological appraoches.Chemical and physical methods have certain disadvantages.We are employing plant based approaches for synthesis of various nanoparticles and investigating their healthcare applications.

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