Welcome to Sawant's CatOM (कॅटॐ) Laboratory

Catalysis laboratory for Organic synthesis and Medicinal chemistry


Since December 2019 Dr. Dinesh Sawant is working as Scientist at Organic Chemistry Division, National Chemical Laboratory Pune (NCL Pune). Previously from January 2018 to November 2019, he worked as Assistant Professor (DST INSPIRE Faculty) at Department of Applied Chemistry, IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. He has recently been appointed as DAAD Germany Research Ambassador for India (Honorary position, 2018-2022). He received his Ph.D degree with Best PhD Thesis Award from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (2008-2012, Guide: Prof. B. M. Bhanage). He did post-doctoral research in the area of Artificial Metalloenzymes with Prof. Jorg Eppinger at KAUST Saudi Arabia (2012-2016). After that, he carried out subsequent postdoctoral research on catalytic hydrogenation and dehydration reactions with Nobel Laureate Prof. Ryoji Noyori’s research group at Nagoya University Japan (2016-2017). In his last post-doctoral research he did research on catalysis for energy with Prof. Matthias Beller at the LIKAT Rostock, Germany (2017-2018). Dinesh has published 23 international publications, which are cited by >550 times (h-index 14). In the year 2011, he was awarded “Young Scientist Award” by Indian Chemical Society at International conference in University of Allahabad, India. Department of Science and Technology has recognized him by awarding Young Scientist Award (SERB Start-Up Grant) in 2015 as well as INSA has recognized him by awarding DST INSPIRE Faculty Award 2017. Dinesh is a resource person for Chemistry Olympiad and NIUS program at TIFR-Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education (HBCSE) Mumbai. Dinesh is also the founder of NGO “Sawant Innovative Foundation” which works for promoting scientific education among rural students. 




Contact Details

Dr. Dinesh Nanaji Sawant  (MRSC)​
CatOM Lab 213, First Floor Main Building, Organic Chemistry Division
CSIR National Chemical Laboratory Pune (NCL Pune)
Maharashtra,  India 411008
​E-mail:  dn.sawant@ncl.res.in; catomncl@gmail.com
Office Contact Number: +91 20 25902056
Mob. No: +917378402417