I am Experimental Condensed Matter Physicist, working majorly in the area of Magnetism and Spintronics. Our aim is to explore the unexplored excited, challenging and novel research topics of Spintronics. My expertise also includes thin fabrication, and single crystal growth of two dimensional materials. We are working on wide range of topics like:

1) Developing and synthesizing novel two dimensional (2D) Dilute Magnetic Semiconductors (DMS) by means of DFT calculations and Single crystal growth techniques (CVT, flux method).

2) Explore novel Physics as well as demanding applications areas of intrinsic van der Wall Magnets.

Library of Intrinsic van der Wall’s Magnets

3) Study of Spin Transistors

4) Exploring Artifical Multiferroic Heterostructures and their applications in Memory devices (Multiferroic tunnel junctions)

5) Achieving Electric field (E-Field) control of Magnetism (Thin films heterostructures as well 2D magnets) through: Spin Orbit Torque (SOT), Multiferroic heterostructures, and Resistive Switching.

6) Ferromagnteic Shape Memory Alloys: Magnetocaloric effect and its E-field control.

7) Valleytronics: Valleytronics is one of the emerging field in 2D materials which has potential to be utilized as futuristic memory devices.




Dr. Kirandeep Singh


Physical & Material Chemistry division

Office & Lab: 299 A (Main Building)

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory

Dr. Homi Bhabha Road


Maharashtra, India

Tel # +91-20-2590-2539

Email: kp.singh@ncl.res.in