Arumugam Sudalai

Arumugam Sudalai

Chemical Engineering & Process Development

About Me

Our major areas of interest relate to asymmetric synthesis of pharmaceuticals, total synthesis of natural products, development of new chiral organo, metal catalysts for the synthesis of bio-active molecules and newer synthetic methods for C-C and C-N bond formations, C-H activation etc. Our laboratory has been constantly addressing the need for process development of many important patient life-improving and life saving chiral drugs under the category of anti-malarial, anti-Parkinson, anti-Alzheimer’s, anti-hypertensive, anti-depressants etc in an efficient and cost effective manner. For instance, we have developed method for synthesis of anti-influenza drug Tamiflu and many promising anti-cancer drugs. 

Professional Experience

1989 - Current- Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune,  India.

 2012 - 2013 Visiting Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science,  Israel.

1999 - 2001 Post Doctoral Research Fellow, RPI, NY, USA.

1988 Ph.D, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.


Selected Publications

  • Reddy R. S.; Prasad P. K.; Ahuja B. B.; Sudalai A, CuCN-Mediated cascade cyclization of 4-(2-bromophenyl)-2-butenoates: a high-yield synthesis of substituted naphthalene amino esters, J. Org. Chem., 78, 5045 - 5050 (2013).
  • Kumar B. S.; Venkataramasubramanian V.; Sudalai A, Organocatalytic sequential, alpha amination / Corey–Chaykovsky reaction of aldehydes: a high yield synthesis of 4-hydroxypyrazolidine derivatives, Org. Lett., 14, 2468 - 2471 (2012).
  • Reddy R. S.; Chouthaiwale P. V.; Suryavanshi G.; Chavan V. B.; Sudalai A, Co(III)(salen)-catalyzed HKR of two stereocentered alkoxy- and azidoepoxides: a concise enantioselective synthesis of (S,S)-reboxetine and (+)-epi-cytoxazone, Chem. Commun., 46, 5012 - 5014 (2010).
  • Kotkar S. P.; Chavan V. B.; Sudalai A, Organocatalytic sequential alphaamination - Horner - Wadsworth - Emmons olefination of aldehydes:cenantioselective synthesis of gama-amino-alpha,beta-unsaturated esters, Org. Lett., 9, 1001 - 1004 (2007).
  • Dewkar G. K.; Nikalje M. D.; Ali I. S.; Paraskar A. S.; Jagtap H. S.; Sudalai A, An exceptionally stable Ti superoxide radical ion: a novel heterogeneous catalyst for the direct conversion of aromatic primary amines to nitro compounds, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 40, 405 - 408 (2001).

Research Interest

  • Asymmetric Synthesis

Contact Details

Dr. A. Sudalai,

Senior Principal Scientist (Sc. F),

Chemical Engineering & Process Development Division,

National Chemical Laboratory, Pune – 411008,

Ph: 020 - 25902547/ 2565/ 2174.