Ashok Giri

Biochemical Science Division

About Me

Trained as biochemist

Currently handling the projects in the area of plant defense mechanisms against insects and pathogens and plant metabolic pathway analysis and engineering. My group is also interested in understanding fate of plant substances in insect system upon ingestion with plant food, in other words how insect manages with plant defense compounds

Professional Experience


Molecular Biology
Metabolomics and metabolic engineering in plants

Selected Publications

  • Itkin M, Heinig U, Tzfadia O, Bhide AJ, Shinde B, Cardenas P, Bocobza SE, Unger T, Malitsky S, Finkers R, Tikunov Y, Bovy A, Chikate Y, Singh P, Rogachev I, Beekwilder J, Giri AP And Aharoni A, Biosynthesis of antinutritional alkaloids in Solanaceous crops is mediated by clustered genes, Science., 341, 175 - 179 (2013).
  • Chikate YR, Tamhane VA, Joshi RS, Gupta VS And Giri AP, Differential protease activity augments polyphagy in Helicoverpa armigera, InInsect Molecular Biology., 22, 258 - 272 (2013).

Research Interest

  • Chemical Biology

Contact Details

Division of Biochemical Sciences
CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory
Pune 411008
Pune, MS,  India