Chavan N. N.

Chavan N. N.

Polymer Science and Engineering Division

About Me

Super absorbing polymers, Metal chelation by polymer supported catalysts, Chiral drug resolution, Immobilised enzymes, Polymers for intraocular lens, Silica nanoparticles, Liquid crystalline polymers (Polyamides, Polyesters, Polycarbonates), Cholesteric liquid crystalline polymers, Polyimides, Phenolic resins, Urea-formaldehyde resins, PMR resins, Solid lubricants

We work in the field of polymer synthesis and characterisation with our main focus on to develop new materials based on polymers polymers, porous polymers, chiral polymers, biopolymers, enzymes etc.and application to technologically and industrially important materials such as super absorbing materials, heavy metal ion chelation, chiral drugs, intraocular lens, high performance composites etc. We use commercially availavle monomers, as well as synthesis of monomers from naturally occuring materials.

Professional Experience

  • Dec. 1981 To Dec. 1982 : Quality Control Chemist, Deccan Plasti-Chem Ltd., Chiplun, Maharashtra, INDIA
  • Dec. 1982 To Dec. 1989 : Junior Scientific Assistant, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune- 411008, INDIA
  • Dec. 1989 To Dec. 1994 : Senior Scientific Assistant, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune- 411008, INDIA
  • Apr. 1994 To Apr. 1996 : Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Genova, Genova - 16146, ITALY
  • Dec. 1994 To Dec. 1999 : Scientist - A, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune- 411008, INDIA
  • Dec. 1999 To Dec. 2004 : Scientist - B, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune- 411008, INDIA
  • Sept. 2000 To Nov 2000.: Visiting Scientist, General Electric Co., Schenectady, USA
  • Dec. 2004 To Dec. 2007 : Scientist - C, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune- 411008, INDIA
  • Dec. 2007 To Till date : Scientist E-I, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune- 411008, INDIA

Selected Publications

  • R.V. Ghorpade, S.M. Bhosle, S. Ponrathnam, C.R. Rajan, N.N. Chavan, R. Harikrishna And , Synthesis and photopolymerization kinetics of 2-Phenylethyl(meth)acrylates studied by photo DSC:, , J. Polym., Res. 19, 9811 (2012).
  • Ghorpade, R.V., Rajdeo, K. S.; Ponrathnam S.; , Chavan N. N. And , Non-isothermal Kinetics of Free-Redical Polymerization of 2-Phenyl ethyl Acrylate, Paper presented at ?Third International Multicomponent Polymer Conference? IMPC 2012, Kottayam, India., p-IL22 , (2012).
  • Dwivedi Mayank; Locanindi Hari Sarvothama Rao; Srinivasulu Reddy Krishna Mohan; Janakiraman Dhanashekharan; Bevara Madhusudana Rao; Sriperambudur Rajesh Kumar; Surendra Ponrathnam; Chelanattukizhakkemadath Raman Rajan; Rajivkumar Tayal; Qureshi Moham, Amino Functionalized Oligo Polyimides with Enhanced Storage Stability , WO ., 090055 A1, (2012).

Research Interest

Contact Details

Dr. Chavan N. N.

Office: Polymer science and engineering division
National Chemical Laboratory
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
Pune 411008, India
Phone  +91 20 2590 3008
Fax +91 20 2590 3008