Chepuri V. Ramana

Chepuri V. Ramana

Organic Chemistry Division

About Me

The research in my group focuses on the synthesis of complex natural products and designed molecules. Selection of the retrons containing critical stereochemical information and choice of appropriate complex transforms addressing the skeletal and stereochemical complexity of the targeted molecules form the major theme of our total synthesis program. Discovery of newer methodologies and new catalysts for generating molecular complexity from readily available starting materials with inherent stereochemical specificity is another activity which is directed in developing small molecules for material and medicinal applications. Expertise include in the areas like design and synthesis of small molecules for cell necrosis and ROS inhibition, for anti-bacterial including M. Tb and anti-obesity. On several occasions we have collaborated with the Indian pharma giants like Ranbaxy, Lupin, Glenmark and Mahyco, also with some of the premier US research groups for screening the synthesized small molecules. In addition, a program on conversion of bio-feedstock like carbohydrates in to synthetic glycolipids and the application of designed glycolipids which can bind with the glycosyl processing enzymes that are specific or over expressed in cancer cells/pathogens was initiated recently.

Professional Experience

2001 - Current : Scientist , CSIR - NCL , Pune .

1998 - 2001 : Post-Doc (Glycosidase Inhibitors), Prof.Andrea Vasella, ETH,  Zurich .  

1992 - 1998 : Ph.D (Carbohydrate Chemistry), under the supervision of Prof.M.Nagarajan , University of Hyderabad .

Selected Publications

Research Interest

  • Development of new drugs Total synthesis/Process chemistry Catalysis and new methods

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Dr. C. V. Ramana


Division Of Organic Chemistry,

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India .


Ph.No : +9120-2590-2577

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