Congratulation  -    Abhishek
(For Keerthi Sangoram Memorial Endowment Award for Best Research Scholar in the area of Biological Sciences by NCL Research Foundation)

Congratulation  -    Sutanu
(For the Best Poster Award by NCL Research Foundation in National Science Day)

"BIOPYDB: A Dynamic Human Cell Specific Biochemical Pathway Database with Advanced Computational Analyses Platform" - is published now:
Congratulation to the Theor. & Comp. Biology Group (Saikat, Noopur, Piyali, Rupa, Vidhi and Sutanu)

  Congratulation  -   Piyali
(For Publication in Frontiers in Immunology and PLoS ONE)

Congratulation  -    Abhishek
(For Publication in Nature Scientific Reports)

Congratulation  -    Abhishek
(For Publication in Trends in Parasitology)

Congratulation  -    Saikat
(For Publication in Nature Scientific Reports)

Congratulation  -    Noopur and Saikat
(For Publication in Proteins)



Dr. Ram Rup Sarkar

  • The major objective of our group is to study the complexity of biological and biochemical systems from an interdisciplinary angle. We apply mathematical, computational and optimization methods and concepts in different areas of biological sciences across different levels / scales from gene to population. We are involved in abstract and formal system-level modelling that may have implications in biological systems and constitute a basis for system level understanding (System Biology), and may be useful for drug discovery with potential application in pharmaceutical industry.


  • Chemical Engineering and Process Development

Research areas

  • Mathematical & Computational Modeling

  • Bio-Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Mathematical Modeling & Optimization

  • Theory and Computational Science


  • Dr. Ram Rup Sarkar
    Principal Scientist 
    Office: Chemical Engineering and Process Development (CEPD)
    CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory
    National Chemical Laboratory
    Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
    Pune 411008, India
    Phone +91 20 2590 3040
    Fax +91-20-2590 2621
    E-mail /