Dr. Suman ChakrabartyPicture of Dr. Suman Chakrabarty
Group Leader,
Ramanujan Fellow

Email: s.chakrabarty[at]ncl.res.in
Phone: +91 20 2590 3053
Curriculum vitae (CV): Download (pdf format)

Amit KumawatAmit Kumawat
PhD student (JRF)
Email: a.kumawat[at]ncl.res.in
Research topic: Structure-function correlation in enzymes using enhanced sampling and QM/MM techniques; Molecular mechanism of information and energy flow in biomolecules


Neharika G ChamachiNeharika G. Chamachi
Project Assistant
Email: n.chamachi[at]ncl.res.in
Research topic: Using enhanced sampling methods like Metadynamics, REMD to understand the molecular mechanism of protein folding/unfolding/misfolding/aggregation; Role of solvation thermodynamics and various types of molecular interactions in determining the relative stability of conformational states


Picture of Vrushali HandeVrushali R. Hande
Project Assistant
Email: vr.hande[at]ncl.res.in
Research topic: Structure and dynamics of water molecules around complex molecules; Molecular origin of hydrophobic interactions; Role of water in (bio)chemical/physical processes

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  Past members:

  • Atul Kaushik, IIT Madras (Summer student, 2013)
  • Subhrashis Banerjee (Project Assistant)