Dr. Asha S. K

Research areas

  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Solar Energy Research
  • Materials Chemistry including Nanomaterials
  • Additive manufacturing of Hybrid Materials
  • Our group research activities are focused on synthesis and self assembly whereby we strive to make use of molecular self-organization to build higher ordered polymer architectures which can find potential applications in the opto-electronic devices. We design the monomers and polymers with self assembling tools like hydrogen bonding interactions, pi stacking interaction or alkyl chain interdigitation and study their structure-property relationship using various experimental techniques like absoption and emisssion, wide angle X ray diffraction (WXRD), Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM), etc. The areas of research expertise in the group include monomer and polymer design and synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, photophysical characterization of fluorescent polymers, thermal and optical characterization of Liquid crystalline polymers, Additive Manufacturing etc.



Dr. Asha S. K

Chief Scientist and  

Chair, Polymer Science & Engineering Division

Professor, AcSIR

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory

Pune - 411 008, INDIA

E-mail: sk.asha@ncl.res.in

Phone : +91 20 2590 2178 /2199 (Chair Office) 

+91 20 2590 2062 (Office)  

            +91 20 2590 3189 (Lab)

Weblink:  http://academic.ncl.res.in/sk.asha