Dr. Anu Raghunathan
Our group, the Metabolic Inquiry and Cellular Engineering (MICE) group, uses systems approaches (both experimental and computational) to understand biological cell behavior and function. We build computer models of the cell through genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction and compute cell phenotype using Constraints-based modeling and flux balance analysis. Experimental approaches in prokaryotes involve genome-engineering of Escherichia coli for value added chemicals using recombinant and synthetic biology techniques. Fundamental growth and proliferation studies on lung adenocarcinoma and glioblastoma cells are in progress to understand and implicate key players in metabolism.

We strive to practice model-driven science by validation of  in silico discoveries experimentally at different levels of molecular organization in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems.
Chemical Engineering and Process Development
Reseach areas
.        Biochemical and Biological Engineering
·         Metabolic Engineering
·         Systems Biology