My research activites are in following 3-major areas  

Plant defense mechanisms

We developed group at NCL focusing on agricultural biotechnology of high relevance to the current problems. Insect pests are globally severe threat to agriculture where we addressed questions related to molecular insights of plant-insect interactions. Understanding of the plant-insect interaction at molecular level will serve as basis for developing strategies for plant protection in sustainable manner with minimizing use of chemicals.

Detoxification mechanisms in insects

To obtain molecular insights in to detoxification mechanisms in Lepidopteran insect pest, Helicoverpa armigera, we are employing "omics" approaches upon exposure of insect to different phytochemicals and insecticide molecules.

Metabolic pathway analysis and engineering

Our group is also engaged on plant metabolic pathway analysis and engineering. We are working on identification and characterization of flavor biosynthesis process in Alphonso mango at chemical, biochemical and molecular level. Recently we have initiated research project on dissecting metabolic diversity in Ocimum species where we would like to know the evolutionary aspects of the metabolic pathway diversification.