Nanomaterials & Nanoelectronics Research Group

Our group at CSIR-NCL are interested in synthesis of various 1D nanowires / nanotubes & 2D (Nanosheets, thin films) nanomaterials for various applications such as Sensors (Chemical, Gas, Bimolecules, Humidity etc.) ,  Supercapacitors, Light Emitting diodes (LED), Photodetectors, Nano-Switch, Nonvolatile Memory devices, Li-ion Batteries, Catalyst for water splitting application, Field Emission, Transistor etc.

Materials used: 

1D Materials: Oxides & inorganic material based Nanowires, Nanorods, Carbon nanotubes etc.

2D Materials: Atomically thin Nanosheets of Graphene, Nano-composite Materials etc.

Facilities available:

1) Nikon Optical Microscope: To observe atomically thin Nanosheets of Graphene (Single-layer graphene Thickness 0.34 nm), MoS2 (Single-layer MoS2 thickness 0.65 nm) etc.

 2) Hydrothermal Synthesis of 1D & 2D nanomaterials: Nanowires , Nanotubes, nanoflowers, nanosheets.

3) High Temperature furnace: (500-1000 degree).

4) Electrical Characterization: (Two probe & four probe measurements).

 5) Gas sensor set-up:

6) Chemical vapor depsoition set-up

7) Photolithography & E-beam lithography (In collaboration with IIT & IISc).

 8) Central Facility: X-RD, SEM, TEM, Raman, UV, PL, NMR,  etc.



  • PhD students:
  • The lab is always looking for exceptional students for PhD in science.
  • MSc (Inorganic Chemistry / Physical Chemistry/ Materials Chemistry/ Physics), MTech (Nanotechnology), BTech  Students with JRF / Gate qualifed with specilization in Physical Chemistry/ Inorganic chemistry/Physics who are interested to work on "Nanomaterial Synthesis and its applications in Nanoelectronics Devices" are encourage to apply for PhD admission at NCL.
  • Visit CSIR-National Chemical Laborotory website for more detials  
  • Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Associate: 
  • Minimum requirement: Ph.D degree, Provisional certificate on Ph.D. thesis submitted.
  • Project Assistant II:
  • Minimum requirement :M.Sc in Physics / Physical Chemistry / Inorganic chemistry) or MTech in Nanotechnology.Students who are intrested to join should contact along with latest CV, Name of three referees, summary of reserch experaince and research project proposal, Please write to  


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