** Research Activities **

* Insect-Plant Interactions * Chemical Ecology * Tritrophic Interactions * Behaviour  * Biopesticides 



    Performing: Gas-Chromatography/Electroantennographic Detection (GC-EAD/ GC-EAG) and Single Sensillum Recording (SSR) Studies against various Household and Agricultural Pests. Host-Parasite/Predator Interaction, and Behaviour studies.


  Performing: Bioassays for testing of Bio-efficacy and Persistency of insecticidal products in Peet Grady Chamber, Cage/Room Chambers against various flying and crawling household insects (Industrial Projects).


Dr. G. B. Gathalkar, Scientist
Laboratory of Entomology,
Division of Organic Chemistry,
CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory,
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune- 411008, Maharashtra, India
Phone: 02025902973; Mobile: +91 9764644826
Email: g.gathalkar@ncl.res.in