Our current focus is on the development of novel peptide synthetic scaffolds which may be useful for biomedical applications. We have been able to develop diversely functionalized synthetic peptide structures with varying conformations and structural architectures. Unnatural oligomers that adopt specific, compact conformations have a wide range of potential applications in Medicinal Chemistry.

Research Topics

  • Foldamers: Foldamers encompass a novel class of molecules with well-defined 3-dimensional structural architectures. We have developed diverse classes of foldamers with intriguing folding propensities and potential for utility in biomedical science.
  • Self-assembly: Molecular self-assembly involves the association of discrete molecules often directed through H-bonding interactions. Our extensive efforts culminated in deciphering the self-assembling propensity of isotactic acrylamide oligomers.
  • Designer Molecules: Using H-bonding interactions, we have been able to develop designer molecules with unique structural features. A combination H-bondings have been used to impart stability to a co-facially stacked designer molecule.