Group Leader
Dr. Nayaka G P,
Doctoral students 
Mr. Shivamurthy B P
Senior Research Fellow
MSc Chemistry (Davanagere University, Karnataka)


Project Interns:
Ms. Sakshi Santosh Kale
MSc. Analytical Chemistry (Fergusson College, Pune)
Ms. Soujanya Mondal
MSc. (Integrated) (ISERC, Kolkata)
Past Students:
Kotresh, Vijayanagara sri krishnadevaraya University, Bellary.
Sachin, Vijayanagara sri krishnadevaraya University, Bellary.
Ph.D. Vacancies:

Highly motivated students from Chemistry, Physics, Material Science and Nanotechnology background willing to work in the area of energy storage systems are encouraged to apply directly to me. Applications are open throughout the year, however the admissions will be made only in spring and Autumn Semester of ACSIR or CSIR-NCL. 

PhD. positions are available for the candidates having NET-JRF and DST-INSPIRE fellowships.