Dr. Ravindar Kontham’s Research Group

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Welcome to our website! Our research group actively working in the areas of organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry. Our main research focus is on cool projects like practical stereo-selective total synthesis of complex biologically potent natural products and medicinal chemistry. We investigate to prepare more potent, less toxic and structurally simplified analogues of various complex natural products via structural modification of parent natural molecules. We also work on development of new synthetic methodologies involving alkyne cycloisomerization and cascade polycyclizations. 

Natural products have long been regarded as ‘nature’s medicine chest’ providing a rich source of lead compounds as invaluable platforms for developing front-line drugs. 63% of all new drugs approved by the FDA between 1981 and 2006 were inspired by natural products. Our research focuses on making and modifying naturally occurring bioactive compounds that have been isolated from plants, animal tissue, microbes or marine and soil organisms, which are rare or hard to isolate in abundance. These compounds provide rich and diverse chemical structures that challenge the synthetic chemist to develop new flexible synthetic methodology for their construction. The preparation of synthetic analogues of the natural compound may improve the biological activity and provide an understanding of the mechanism of action of the naturally occurring compound.





Contact Details:
Dr. Ravindar Kontham
Principal Scientist-CSIR/Associate Professor-AcSIR
Division of Organic Chemistry
CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory
Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
Pune-411008, India.
Phone Office: +91-20-2590 2301
Mobile: +91 750 788 9557
e-mail: k.ravindar@ncl.res.in