Dr. Neetu Singh

Research areas

  • Structure-activity relationships in design of biologically relevant nanostructures
  • Smart Functional Nanomaterials (drug delivery, biosensors and biomedical implant coatings)
  • Tissue engineering
  • Our group is interested in integrating concepts and skills from chemistry, materials science, and biology to design nano-structured materials with enhanced functionality for applications in biomedical implants, cancer diagnostics, and drug delivery. We are particularly focused on seeking a systematic understanding of the bio-activity of nanostructures and developing specific "structure-bioactivity" relationships. We believe that such a rational approach is necessary for systematically advancing nano-materials and biomedical technologies of the future.
  • We use nanotechnology as a tool to address questions in biomedical and biological disciplines. Nano-structures, due to their similar size scale as bio-macromolecules and cellular components, provide an unprecedented opportunity to target and potentially modulate important biological processes. 


  • Dr. Neetu Singh
      Assistant Professor (AcSIR)
     Senior Scientist (E1)
      Polymer Science and Engineering Division,
     B 101, Polymers & Advanced Materials Laboratory,
    National Chemical Laboratory, Pune - 411008, India
    By Phone: 91-20-2590-3001(Office)
        91-20-2590-3002 (Lab)
    E-mail neetu.singh@ncl.res.in