• Congratulation to Miss. Kiran Jawade for successfully submitting her P.hD Thesis.

  • Congratulation Mr. Jayant for getting Assistant Professorship in Godhra, Gujarat.

  • Hearty Congratulation to Shruti Kaulookar for Successfully defending his P.hD. Viva-Voce Congratulation Dr....

  • Hearty Congratulation to Brijesh Sharma for Successfully defending his P.hD. Viva-Voce Congratulation Dr.... It's your Day

  • Brijesh's and Jayant's paper on "Harnessing Nucleophilicity of Allenol with p-Quinone Methides via Gold Catalysis: Application to the Synthesis of Diarylmethine-Substituted Enones" has been accepted in "The Journal of Organic Chemistry" hearty Congratulation !!


  • Brijesh's paper on "Proline-Catalyzed Asymmetric alpha-Amination in the Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules" has been accepted in "Synlett" hearty Congratulation to Brijesh !!


  • Jayant's paper on "Synthesis of heterogeneous Ru(II)-1,2,3-triazole catalyst supported over SBA-15: Application to the hydrogen transfer reaction and unusal highly selective 1,4-disubstituted triazole formation via multicomponent click reaction" has been accepted in "Catalysis Science & Technology" hearty Congratulation to Jayant and all the co-authors!!


  • Brijesh's paper on "Unravelling the Nucleophilicity of Butenolides for 1,6-Conjugate Addition to p-Quinone Methides: A Direct Access to Diversely Substituted Butenolide-Derived Diarylmethanes" has been accepted in "Organic Letters" hearty Congratulation to Brijesh and all the co-authors !!

  • Dr. Pradeep Kumar has received the prestigious INSA-Senior Scientist position. Hearty Congratulation Sir !!!

  • Congratulation to Mr. Brijesh M. Sharma for submitting his Ph.D. Thesis.

  • Dr. Shruti Satbhaiya joined as N-PDF in Dr. PKT's lab. Congratulation Dr. Shruti.

  • Mr. Avinash Bansode joined our lab as a guest worker. Welcome buddy!!



  • On the occassion of 60th birthday celebration of Dr. Pradeep Kumar, a photo frame was gifted as a token of love, honor and appreciation from all the past members of Dr. PKT's group members to our mentor for his unwavering support throught the Ph.D journey!!!!!!



From Left: Brijesh Sharma, Jayant Rathod, Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Dr. Satyendra Kumar Pandey, Mr. Sachin Songire, Dr. Rodney Fernandes, Dr. Anand Harbindu.

  • Jayant's paper on "Tf2NH-Catalyzed 1,6-Conjugate Addition of Vinyl Azides with p-Quinone Methides: A Mild and Efficient Method for the Synthesis of β-Bis-Arylamides" has been accepted in "Synthesis" Congratulation !!


  • Congratulation to Nookaraju for Successfully defending his Ph.D viva-voce.

  • Congratulation to Mrs. Shruti for submitting her Ph.D. Thesis.



  •  Congratulations to  Mr. Brijesh M. Sharma for receiving best poster prize at "International Conference in Organic Synthesis 21" organized by IIT Bombay, (11th - 16th December, 2016)!!