Bhushan P. Chaudhari

Bhushan P. Chaudhari

Biochemical Science Division

About Me

Area of interest:

Ø  In-vivo regulatory studies for herbal drugs/New Chemical Entities/Industrial chemicals/Pesticides on various laboratory animals.

Ø  Histopathological interpretation & report preparation of laboratory animal tissues

Ø  In-vivo drug discovery studies/efficacy studies

Ø  In-vivo studies for Cancer  

Ø  Development of various animal models of diseases

Ø  In-vivo studies for tissue engineering products and implants

Highlights of research work:

Ø  Histopathological interpretation of slides from various laboratory animal tissues since 16 years

Ø  Handling and experimentation of laboratory animals, drug administration, biopsy, necropsy of lab animals, microsurgery, hematology, biochemistry, histology, histopathology of New Chemical Entities (NCE) in laboratory animals.

Ø  Development and standardization of new animal models for various human diseases. e.g. Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis and Anti-inflammatory Model etc.

Ø  Efficacy and Preclinical Toxicity evaluation of synthetic and non-synthetic molecules in laboratory animals as per various guidelines like FDA, OECD, ICH, Schedule ‘Y’ etc.

Ø  Expertise in toxicological studies on rodent & non-rodent species.

Ø  Completed more than 40 preclinical toxicity studies, sponsored by Government and Non-government agencies, as per GLP principles during the service of 12 years in CSIR-IITR Lucknow.

Ø  These toxicity studies includes Single dose (Acute ) toxicity, Repeated dose (14, 28, 90 & 180 Days) toxicity, Eye Irritation / corrosion, Skin Irritation / corrosion, Skin Sensitization, LD50 and maximum tolerated dose determination.

Ø  Understanding the molecular mechanism of disease progression and their complication in cancer, diabetes and other diseases.


Ø  Established Central Pathology Laboratory at CSIR-IITR, Lucknow.


Ø  Vast experience of safety evaluation studies using national & international guidelines being used for new drugs, GM food and nanoparticles.

Ø  Strong background of drug discovery procedures.

Ø  Familiar with dossier submission of new drugs, agrochemicals to various regulatory bodies like DCGI, CIB.US-FDA, and EPA.


Ø  Expertise in the area of molecular biology and silencing techniques.


Ø  Thorough understanding about “Nanobiology.”


Ø  Expertise in the area of allergenicity studies.

Ø  Sound knowledge of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Professional Experience

Therapeutics areas worked:


Ø  Respiratory system: Experience in various preclinical models of asthma (such as early and late asthmatic response, broncho-constriction, allergic inflammation models)

Ø  Musculoskeletal system: Experience in preclinical models of osteoarthritis

Ø  Cytokine Research: Assay development and validation of assay, measurement of allegen specific IgE in the lung, Measurement of cytokines in lung lavage fluids and identification of cells in lung lavage fluids.

Ø  Diabetes: In-collaboration with CDRI

Ø  Cancer therapeutics





Employment & Organizational details:


(1) CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory: Biochemical Sciences Division

         (23rd , April,2015 onwards)


(2) CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, formerly known as Industrial

     Toxicology Research Centre, Lucknow, India. Website:


(3) Jai Research Foundation, Vapi, Gujarat, India.Jai Research Foundation.JRF is

     Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accredited contract research organization (CRO).

     Email:, Website:


Professional affiliations:

1) Life member, Society of Toxicology, India. Membership no- 719L

2) Life member, Society for Toxicologic Pathology in India. Membership no-1090

3) Life member, Laboratory Animal Scientists Association. Membership no-8169

4) Life member, Indian Association of Veterinary Pathologists.Memebership no-IAVP/P-90/2010.


Admitted as Associate of Academy of Sciences for Animal welfare. (F 153/2008)


Academy of Sciences for Animal Welfare


  1. Completed training course on Good Laboratory Practice conducted at Jai Research Foundation, Valvada, India on 4th December, 2001.


  1. Completed the training course on Good Laboratory Practice conducted at Jai Research Foundation, Valvada, Gujarat by N.J.Dent on behalf of country consultancy Ltd., U.K. on 16th Feb. 2002 at Vapi, India.


  1. Participated on Laboratory Quality system & Internal Audit as per ISO/IEC 17025 organized by National Accreditation Board for testing & calibration Laboratories during 1-4 Sept.2003 at Jaipur, India.
  2. Attended workshop on Good laboratory practices (GLP) jointly organized by UNDP/world bank/WHO ,National GLP compliance  monitoring authority, DST,CDRI on 3-5 Dec.2003 at New Delhi, India


  1. Participated at the “Alternatives, Animal Welfare and the Curriculum’’ seminar and workshop on 28th August,2004 at Lucknow ,India organized by International Network for Education and The World Society for the Protection of Animals in conjunction with People for animals.


  1. Participated in the national GLP conference organized by GLP monitoring authority of India on January 13-15, 2005 at Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow, India.


  1. Attended the training workshop on Non-clinical Safety testing organized by UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/Who-TDR & CDRI on 24-26 October, 2005 at New Delhi, India.


  1. Participated in the National consultation on Herbo-metallic preparations of Indian Systems of medicine; Safety & Quality standardization held on March 3-4, 2006 at INSA New Delhi
  2. Participated in the international workshop on Toxicology towards Diplomate of American Board of Toxicology conducted by Curtis Klassen at Advinus Therapeutics Pvt.Ltd.Bangalore from 8-12 October 2007.


  1. Participated in the 1st Annual course in Toxicologic Pathology-Road to Toxico-pathology jointly organized by Charles Luis Davis, D.V.M. Foundation and Society for Toxicologic Pathology in India at Pune, India on 13-15, March, 2008.
  2. Trained as a “Trainer” at WHO-TDR, workshop on “Train the GLP Trainer” jointly organized by UNDP/World bank/WHO special programme for research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) & IITR, Lucknow on 13-18 October 2008.


  1. Successfully completed the distance learning “General course on Intellectual      Property” from October 1 to November 10, 2009 conducted by world Intellectual    Property organization.


  1. Participated in the workshop and training programme on Sampling and Detection Methods Applied to Transgenic Crops on November 17-19, 2011 at National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India.




List of SCI publications:


1.    Rhabdomyosarcoma in wistar rats.M.C.Prasad, D.P.Kadam,G.Sonawane,B.P.Chaudhari,J.Maheshkumar. Indian Journal of Environment & Toxicology Vol.N.11,issue-2,84-85,December 2001.


2.    Effect of fly ash inhalation on biochemical and histomprphological changes in rat liver. U.Mani, A.K.Prasad,V.Sureshkumar,Kewal Lal,B.P.Chaudhari,R.C.Murthy. Ecotoxicol. Environment. Safety 68:126-133. 2007.


3.    Comparative studies of different organs of Nyctanthes arbortristis in modulation of cytokines in murine model of arhritis.Brijesh Rathore,Bholanath Paul,Bhushan P.Chaudhari,Ashok Kumar Saxena,Anand Prakash Sahu and Yogendra Kumar Gupta.Biomedical and Environmental sciences, 20, 154-159. 2007.


4.    Status of Stat3 in an Ovalbumin induced mouse model of asthma: analysis of the role of Socs3 an IL1-6. Bholanath Paul, Vani Mishra , Bhushan Chaudhari , Anjali Awasthi ,Asim Bikas Das, Urmila Saxena,  Ashok Saxena,  Lalit K. Chauhan,Pradeep Kumar, Sheikh Raisuddin. International Archives of allergy and immunology Vol.148, No.2, 2009.


5.    Partial characterization of red gram (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp) polypeptides recognized by patients exhibiting rhinitis and bronchial asthma.Amita Misra, Rahul Kumar ,Vivek Mishra ,Bhushan P. Chaudhari, Anurag Tripathi,  Mukul Das,Premendra D. Dwivedi. Food and Chemical Toxicology 48 (2010) 2725–2736.


6.    IL-6 receptor-mediated lung Th2 cytokine networking in silica-induced pulmonary fibrosis.Shambhoo Sharan Tripathi, Vani Mishra,Mamta Shukla,Mukesh Verma,Bhushan Pradosh Chaudhari,Pradeep Kumar,Jasmeet Kaur Chhabra,Haushila Prasad Pandey, Bholanath Paul. Arch Toxicol (2010) 84:947-955.


7.    Probiotic Enterococcus lactis IITRHR1 protects against acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity.Sapna Sharma, Jaya Chaturvedi, Bhusan P Chaudhari, R.L Singh, Poonam Kakkar. Nutrition, 28 February,2011,28(2):173-81,DOI:10.1016..


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9.    Allergenic responses of red kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris cv chitra) polypeptides in BALB/c mice recognized by bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis patients. Sandeep Kumar , Alok Kumar Verma , Amita Misra , Anurag Tripathi , Bhushan P. Chaudhari ,Rajendra Prasad , S.K. Jain, Mukul Das , Premendra D. Dwivedi.Food Research International.44 (2011) 2868–2879.


10. Potential allergens of green gram (Vigna radiata L. Millsp) identified as members of cupin superfamily and seed albumin. A. Misra, R. Kumar,V. Mishra,B.P. Chaudhari,S. Raisuddin,M. Das and P. D. Dwivedi. Clinical & Experimental Allergy, 41,157–1168, issue 8,(2011)


11. Role of mitogen activated protein kinases in skin tumorigenicity of Patulin. Neha Saxena, Kausar M. Ansari, Rahul Kumar, Bhushan P. Chaudhari,Premendra D. Dwivedi, Mukul Das. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology,volume 257, issue, 264-271,2011


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