Current members in the group

1. Nikita Shelke, PA II


Join as JRF for Ph.D

M.Sc Chemistry students with a valid JRF from CSIR / INSPIRE / UGC and highly motivated to do a Ph.D can send me your CV. 


Vacancies for PA - II position will be advertsied from time to time based on the requirements of projects sponsored by the industry or the government. The general qualification would be M.Sc in any branch of chemistry with atleast 60 % marks. However, specific requirements may be posted at the time of vacancy.

Final year projects

Students who wish to carry out their M.Tech, M.Pharm and M.Sc (any branch of Chemistry or chemical technology) final year projects involving synthesis of medicinally important compounds  can send CV and one page research proposal to me by email. Kindly indicate the duration of time you can afford to spend in NCL. Typical duration desired is 5 - 12 months. Applications are invited throughout the year. Plan in advance.

Summer Internship

Ist year M.Sc / Int. MS chemistry students who wish to do a short summer internship in organiic chemistry can approach by email with your CV. Minimum duration desired is 3 months. Please write to me well in advance.