Current Research Interests


  • Structure, dynamics  & rheology of soft colloidal suspensions
  • Glass transition in thermosensitive microgel suspensions
  • Electric field induced structural ordering in ionic microgels and active matter



Synthesis of temperture & pH sensitive microgel particles of Poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)

Colloidal suspensions exhibit different structural ordering namely, fluid, crystal and even glass with necessary conditions, a property similar to that of atomic systems.  Moreover, larger interparticle length scales (in μm range) and slower dynamics (10-6 sec -103 sec) give the colloids an easy experimental access compared to atomic level studies. Hence  colloidal suspensions serve as model system to investigate atomic or molecular systems to understand crystal nucleation and structural phase transitions. Experiments with colloids are far simpler compared to atomic or molecular level studies. The microscopic size scale of colloids allows them to be easily characterized by microscopy and various light scattering techniques. Moreover, the synthesis of monodisperse colloidal particles which is essential for a system to behave as a model system becomes much easier with the advent of appropriate synthetic routes.