We are working on following major problems:  

Nanomaterials: Nano means (10-9), which can improve the surface area and activity of metal particles. We are interested to fabricate the various types of particles as per the applications like single nanoparticles, bimetal, hollow nanosphere, core-shell, and overlayer metal particles. We use this metal nanomaterials as a heterogeneous catalyst for various chemical reactions. The following images are synthesized by Nandanwar’s group.

Core Pt-Ni shell  Nanomaterials         Ni Hollow Nanosphere

Heterogenous catalyst: Catalyst is the substances use to enhance the rate of chemical reaction but doesn’t take part in the reaction. We are interested to design and investigate the novel heterogenous catalysts (metal supported/metal oxide/nanocatalyst) for various chemical reaction to reduce the activation energy of reaction.

Gas processing: Adsorption is one of the effective techniques to separate N2, CO2 from CH4 by adsorption of these gases into the porous adsorbent. Our group is highly interested to design the novel porous structure material/adsorbent/nanosorbent to separate the gases from the flue gases in industry. Additionally, we are also interested to capture of gases contaminants like Krypton, Xenon, Iodine from the off-gas.    


 Current Major Projects:  

1. Hydrogen Purification using porous adsorbent (CSIR)

2. Separtion of oxygen from compresed air (DST-SERB)