Research Interest:

  • Plant Tissue Culture

Professional Experience

  • 1978- Current- Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India

Selected Publications

  • D. Raju, Urmil J. Mehta, Sulekha Hazra. Synthesis of gold nanoparticles by various leaf fractions of Semecarpus anacardium L. tree. Trees – Structure and Function, 25 (2011), 145-151.
  • Sunil Kumar, Urmil J. Mehta, Sulekha Hazra. In vitro studies on Chromium and Copper accumulation potential of Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre seedlings. Bioremediation, Biodiversity and Bioavailability, 3(1) (2009) 43-48. (Print ISSN 1749-0596).
  • Urmil J. Mehta, Sulekha Hazra. Induction of somatic embryogenesis in tamarind. Int. J. Pl. Dev. Biol., 2 (2) (2008) 118-122.
  • Raju D., Sunil Kumar, Urmil J. Mehta, Sulekha Hazra. Characterization of structure and dynamics of phosphoric acid doped benzimidazole mixtures: A molecular dynamics study, J. Mol. Mod., DOI: 10.1007/s00894-012-1519-8
  • Sunil Kumar, Urmil J. Mehta, S. Hazra. Accumulation of cadmium in growing peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) seedlings - its effect on lipid peroxidation and on the antioxidative enzymes Catalase and Guaiacol peroxidase. J. Pl. Nutri. Soil Sci., 171 (2008) 440-447.
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  • Mehta U.J., Barretto S.B., Hazra S. Effect of Thidiazuron in germinating Tamarind seedlings. In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. – Plant, 40 (2004) 279-283.
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