Our research group have expertise in Membrane Science and Technology. The group mainly focus to pursue the research to understand the structure-permeation property relation in polymeric membranes. Proton exchange membranes for PEM fuel cell, MOF-polymer composite membranes for gas separation, development of PIL based CO2 selective membranes, hollow fibre membranes for water purification and O2/N2 enrichment and acid separation using chemodialysis, membrane reactor development are the key features of our laboratory. We are also deeply involved in exploration of various polymeric membranes and their materials based applications. We are also synthesizing various types PBIs and their structural variants for gas separation and PEMFC applications.

Contact Details:
Dr. Ulhas K. Kharul
Senior Principal Scientist,
Office: Room No. 919, 
Polymers Science and Engineering Division
CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune 411008, India.
Email: uk.kharul@ncl.res.in; Phone: 91-020-2590-2180 (Office)/ 2590-2183/4 (Lab); Fax: 020-25902618