Dr. Ashish V. Orpe

Research areas

  • Complex Fluids and Polymer Engineering
  • Industrial Flow Processes
  • Our work is aimed towards developing a fundamental understanding of the flow of particulate media in conjunction with an interstitial fluid under external forcing. We employ flow visualization techniques, which involves high speed camera imaging, laser fluorescence and analysis, to follow individual particle trajectories. The information gained allows us to extract rheology at the local (particle) level, which would help us understand the global behaviour better. Currently we are working in the area of dense, wet granular systems and dense suspensions subjected to external forcing within different geometries of industrial relevance. In parallel, we are also studying aging and percolation behavour of static suspensions induced due to individual Browninan motion of particles or liquid-particle interactions.


  • Dr. Ashish V. Orpe
    Room No. 530, Chemical Engineering Divison (PP - I)
    National Chemical Laboratory
    Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
    Pune 411008, India
    Phone +91 20 2590 2749
    Fax +91 20 2590 2621
    E-mail av.orpe@ncl.res.in