Controlling tuberculosis is one of the major concerns India is trying to solve. My group is involved in identifying the proteins involved in this signaling cascade leading to activation of the pathogen which is an important physiological event for sudden development of disease in human. We are currently involved in biochemical evaluation of potential targets, their interaction with the known inhibitors and identification of targets for our lead molecules by applying proteomic approach. 

As part of  National Repositroy of Small Molecules, I have already developed a screening facility with a library of 3000 natural products extracts/fractions as well as 3000 synthetic compounds.


Current available position

We are looking  a student from 2nd year of M.Sc., in  Microbiology/Biochemistry/biotechnology with a good academic background and strong motivation to pursue a career in research for a possible internship or project assistantship.

Interested candidates can email me at