Our Research group combines biophysics, synthetic chemistry and molecular biology to develop new approaches for trageting amyloid protein fibrillation and associated neurodegenrative diseases, We are also aiming at developing new polymers and dendritic molecules for addressing this issue.

Another area of Interest is Aminoacid based supramolecules for targeted drug delivery applications.


 Please refer to the publications for more details.

Current Positions:

We are currently looking for  really motivated students  with a good academic back ground  to join our group for their MSc/Mtech thesis.

Students with MSc and NET/GATE/Inspire Fellowships etc who would like to purse  PhD are also encouraged to write to me.

Please write to a.jancy@ncl.res.in, if you are interested.



Dr. Jancy Nixon Abraham

Office - H-106

Polymer and Advanced Materials Laboratory

National Chemical Laboratory

Dr. Homibhabha Road

Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra -411008

Phone: 0091 2590 2157

email : a.jancy@ncl.res.in