Our group focuses on noble and non-noble metal based plasmonics and semiconductor nanopartilces for fundamental plasmonics and excitonic properties and applications ranging from sensing, catalysis, to optoelectronic devices. Wet chemistry and device techniques are integral part of our research activities.

Our Research Interest includes:

       ·         Noble metal, non-noble metal, and semiconductor based nanoparticles for plasmonics,
             catalysis, and Photovoltaics

·         Plasmon-Exciton interactions (weak and strong coupling)

·         Plasmon enhanced super bright WLEDs

·         Plasmonics and nano-bio-photonics of metallic nanostructures

·         Chemical sensing utilizing surface enhanced spectroscopic techniques

·         Fano resonances in plasmonic nano-clusters

·         Nanosphere and e-beam lithography


We welcome enthusiastic graduate students for Ph. D. and Project Assistants for short term projects. Send us your resume/CV for consideration of your application.

Contact us:
Dr. Janardan Kundu
Physical & Materials Chemistry Division
Pune, Pashan, 411008, India.

e-mail: j.kundu@ncl.res.in

Cell Phone: 9561813375