We are primarily interested in experimental nanoparticle synthesis targetted towards applications of interest. Our research focus is on nanocrystals (noble metal, non-noble metal, semiconductor based) rational design, synthesis, characterization, structure-function relatonship and applications. Fundamental plasmonic properties of these nanostructures and their applications in biochemical sensing (LSPR, SERS, SEIRA, MEF), Photovoltaics, and nanocatalysis is actively investigated. Our research work is highly interdisciplinary with skill set requirements from synthetic chemistry, Physics, and applied materials.

We invite applications for regular Ph. D. students and short term Project Assistants for their endeavour in the exciting field of nanoresearch where we follow: "Think Nano"





Our Lab is fully functional with the following "State-of-the-Art" facilities that we routinely utilize:


1) Fume Hood with Schlenk Line for Air Sensitive Reactions


2) Glove Box for Air Sensitive Chemicals


3) Thermal Evaporator for Thin Film Depostion


4) Spin Coater


5) UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer


6) Centrifuges

7) Milli Q Water System