Materials and Devices for Energy Storage and Energy Conversion

Energy storage and conversion devices are of great interest to academic and industrial researchers. The device performance can be enhanced by designing and synthesizing materials with desirable properties. Similarly, device performance is also related to device design. Therefore, material and device design have been the primary objective of our group. We rationally design and synthesize organic materials (small and polymer molecules), carbon materials, and metal nanostructures. Subsequently, we conduct experiments to understand the structure and material property relationships. With a thorough understanding of the materials' properties, we fabricate devices. We can fabricate efficient dye sensitised solar cells, batteries, supercapacitors, and field effect transistors with this approach. Flexible devices are needed to fabricate wearable electronic devices. We have also fabricated flexible and compressible energy conversion and energy storage devices.

Conversion of insulating substrates to conductors has been an objective for a long time. We use the extracts of green tea to deposit various metals on synthetic and natural substrates. The shape and size of the substrate are not restricted. A wide variety of sizes and shapes have been used to deposit metals. They are being explored in hydrogen separation, devices, shielding and smart textile applications. Very recently, we have been using the metal-coated substrates in electroorganic synthesis. We are exploring these substrates to synthesize small and polymer molecules.