Welcome to the Clean Energy Laboratory at CSIR-NCL!


 Research areas

  • Chemical Engineering, Separation Science
  • Energy & Environment Engineering
  • Process Development & scale-up
  • Our group is involved in the field of energy and environmental engineering. The current area of research is gas hydrates formation & inhibition, methane recovery from natural gas hydrates, carbon dioxide capture and utilization. Study and characterization of gas hydrates at molecular level for innovative application like H2 storage and CO2 capture. We are also involved in process development & utilization of supercritical fluids, mainly focusing on the scale-up potential of such processes. 


  • Dr. Rajnish Kumar, Senior Scientist
    Rm # 715, Process Developmet Department
    CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory
    Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
    Pune 411008, India
    Phone +91 20 2590 2734
    Fax +91 20 2590 2621
    E-mail k.rajnish@ncl.res.in