Research Interest:

  • Gas Hydrates (Formation, Inhibition & Recovery)
  • Carbon Dioxide Capture, Storage & Utilization
  • Hydrogen Storage material
  • Process Development and scale-up of fine chemicals

Professional Experience

  • 2010- Current- Sr. Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India
  • 2009-2010 Post Doctoral Research Fellow (with Dr. John Ripmeester, National Research Council Canada, Ottawa
  • 2004-2009 Ph.D Student & Graduate Research Assistant (with Prof. Peter Englezos, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)
  • 2003-2004 Research Engineer, Hindustan Zinc Ltd, Udaipur (Sterlite Industries (I) Ltd), India

Selected Publications

  • Shin, K., Kumar, R., Udachin, K. A., Alavi, S., Ripmeester, J. A. 2012. ”Ammonia clathrate hydrates as new solid phases for Titan, Enceladus, and other planetary systems”. PNAS, 109 (37) 14785-14790
  • Lu, H., Wang, J., Liu, C., Ratcliffe, C. I., Becker, U., Kumar, R., Ripmeester, J. A. 2012. “Multiple H2 occupancy of cages of clathrate hydrate under mild condition” JACS, 134, 9160-9162
  • Linga, P., Kumar, R., Lee, J. D., Ripmeester, J., Englezos, P., 2010. “A new apparatus to enhance the rate of gas hydrate formation: application to capture of carbon dioxide”. International Journal of Green House Gas Control 4, 630-637
  • Seo, Y., Lee, J-W., Kumar, R., Moudrakovski, I., Lee, H., Ripmeester, J. A. 2009 “Tuning the Composition of Guest Molecules in Clathrate Hydrates: NMR Identification and Its Significance to Gas Storage” Chem. Asian J., 4, 1266–1274
  • Kumar, R., Moudrakovski, I., Ripmeester, J. A., Englezos, P. 2009 “Structure and composition of CO2/H2 and CO2/H2/C3H8 hydrate in relation to simultaneous CO2 capture and H2 production” AIChE J. 55, 1584-1594.
  • Kumar, R., Lang, S., Englezos, P., Ripmeester, J. A. 2009 “Application of the ATR-IR spectroscopic technique to the characterization of hydrates formed by CO2, CO2/H2 and CO2/H2/C3H8” J Phys. Chem. A, 113, 6308–6313
  • Kumar, R., Linga, P., Moudrakovski, I., Ripmeester, J. A., Englezos, P. 2008 “Structure and kinetics of gas hydrates from methane/ethane/propane mixtures relevant to the design of natural gas hydrate storage and transport facilities” AIChE, 54, 2132-2144
  • Kumar, R., Lee, J.D. Song, M. and Englezos, P. 2008 “kinetic inhibitor effects on methane/propane clathrate hydrate crystal growth at the gas/water and water/n-heptane interfaces”, J. Crystal Growth, 310, 1154–1166