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Nano and Computational Materials Laboratory at CSIR NCL

Nano and Computational Materials Lab, Catalysis Division enjoys the vibrant research environment of CSIR - National Chemical Laboratory. The research group has a major thrust in the frontier research areas of nano materials science and technology adapting both experimental and theoretical approaches to design novel nano & nanohybrid materials for health & energy.


About NCML and our research interests

Functional nanomaterials synthesis for advanced applications is an impoartant research area in our group. We investigate various synthesis possibilities and the structure-property correlations of multifunctional nano and nanohybrid materials for applications such as health and clean energy. Making relatively stable bio-inorganic and organic-inorganic nanohybrid materials with enhanced features and extended possibilities of the material confinement of matter with nanometric sizes are our main objectives. Different funding programs such as CSIR-FTTCSIR-EMPOWER, 11th FYP, DST-SERB have been supporting our activities.

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