Kaliaperumal SELVARAJ

Kaliaperumal Selvaraj, joined as a scientist at the National Chemical Laboratory at Pune in 2002. His research area is Nano materials science and technology. His focus is on design of multifunctional nanoscopic materials for applications including catalysis, nanomedicine / theranostics, clean power production & storage and clean environment. He also uses Density Functional Theory based computational approaches to understand the structure-property correlations especially on host-guest interactions.
He was a visiting researcher at ICG, a CNRS Laboratory at Montpellier, France (Prof. Jean Marie Devoiselle, Director, ICG and Dr. Sylvie Begu, ENSCM) between 2006 to 2008 under the ANR Research Program. He jointly commissioned and maintain a state of the art Powder XRD research facility with in-situ non-ambient experimental setup. 
Selvaraj, having masters degree in chemistry from the University Department of Chemistry Madras University (1993), obtained Ph.D in Chemistry at the National Chemical Laboratory (1994). His Ph.D was on Materials Science under the mentoring of Dr. A. V. Ramaswamy. He was offered a full time faculty position at the University Department of Chemistry, Pune University where he taught Physical chemistry, Biophysical chemistry, Instrumental methods for chemical analysis including spectroscopy to post-graduates. During this period he visited the Netherlands (Prof Andre ten Elshof, MESA+, Univ. of Twente).
Currently at the Nano and Computational Materials Lab, his team works on projects such as 
(i) nanoscopic modifications of 2D and 3D carbon materials for developing novel functional materials for clean energy and 
(ii) multifunctional nanosystems for biomedical applications and health such as medical diagnostics, targeted drug delivery, chemotherapy, photothermally controlled drug release and hyperthermia. 
His programs are largely supported by funds from CSIR through schemes such as EMPOWER and SERB DST etc., Research activities are disseminated through several international and national research articles and international patents.