Kaliaperumal SELVARAJ

Kaliaperumal Selvaraj, born and raised till schooling at Thiruvarur, a historical town located at central east Tamilnadu State, is currently a research scientist at the CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory. He was mentored by Prof. S. Chidambaram (during graduation) at Thiru. Vi. Ka. Govt. Arts College, Thiruvarur, by Prof. T. Balakrishnan (during post-graduation) at the University Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Madras University, Guindy Campus. After qualifying the CSIR Junior Research Fellowship, he joined the CSIR National Chemical Laboratory and obtained his Ph.D in Chemistry under the mentoring of Dr Paul Ratnasamy and followed by Dr. A. V. Ramaswamy at the National Chemical Laboratory in 2000. His Ph.D research was on Materials Science of silicates. He was offered a faculty position at the University Department of Chemistry, Pune University where he taught Physical Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Instrumental Methods and Spectroscopy to post-graduates. He visited the University of Twente, The Netherlands.
Selvaraj joined as a scientist at the National Chemical Laboratory at Pune in 2002. He is currently a Principal Scientist and leading the research group, Nano and Computational Materials Lab (NCMLAB) in Catalysis Division. He is also the Scientist Incharge of the Central Microscopy Facility at CSIR - NCL.
He works on developing sustainable and effective solutions to the globally influencing energy, environmental and nanomedical issues. Other than experimental/synthetic approaches, he also uses computational approaches (Density Functional Theory) to understand the structure-property correlations. His group, NCMLAB is active on rational design of nanomaterials to develop sustainable technologies for various applications including heterogeneous, electrocatalysis, drug delivery systems, clean power production and storage and electronic ceramics. NCMLAB's research is vibrant from fundamental science to translational technologies due to active contributions by highly motivated young researchers including Junior and Senior Research Fellows, post-doctoral fellows, Project assistants and associates and PG project students.
He was earlier a visiting researcher to ICG, a CNRS laboratory at Montpellier, France between 2006 to 2008 under the ANR research funding. His program focused on customizing bio-inorganic hybrid based nano drug carrier for nanomedicine.
Current high priority programs of NCMLAB includes (i) Developing technologies for clean and sustainable energy (ii) Developing 2D and 3D carbon materials for novel functional materials energy and environment and (iiI) multifunctional nanosystems for biomedical applications and health such as medical diagnostics, targeted drug delivery, chemotherapy, photothermally controlled drug release and hyperthermia. These are largely supported by funds from CSIR through schemes such as EMPOWER, FTT and SERB DST etc.,