Nanomaterials Research for Health and Clean Energy

Research Themes

Sustainable Energy Technologies : Solar Driven Electrolysed Hydrogen Generation
Transition Metals, Metal sulphides, ntirides, phosphides, carbides, graphene derivatives
Clean Energy Production and storage
Graphene & its nanohybrids for electrochemical applications 
Biomedical & Molecular bio-imaging
Modified carbon, graphene & quantum dots, Flourescent dyes and metal nanoparticles
Theranostics: Comprehensive cancer therapy 
Multifunctional nanomaterials for Targetted, controlled, trigerred drug delivery & photothermal therapy and ablation
Density Functional Theory (DFT) based Computational Studies on processes and materials
Nano & subnano metal particles, Host-guest systems, Catalytic surfaces 


Functional nanomaterials synthesis for advanced applications is an important research area in our group. We investigate molecular design based synthetic approaches for making multifunctional nanomaterials and their hybrids and structure-property correlations in applications such as health and clean energy. Making relatively stable bio-inorganic and organic-inorganic nanohybrid materials with enhanced features and possibilities of material confinements of nanometric sizes are our main objectives. The major activities in our group is available in the research programs page.