Chemistry of inositols

  • Our research interest centers around the synthesis, associated reaction mechanisms and structure of inositols (cyclohexane hexols) and their derivatives. This is an important field related to carbohydrates, which has gained importance in the last two decades, due to the involvement of myo-inositol derivatives in various biological phenomena. We are developing efficient methods for the synthesis of biologically relevant, important inositol derivatives by (a) using myo-inositol orthoesters and inositol-1,3-acetals as early intermediates; (b) exploitation of the differences in chelation of metal ions by inositol derivatives to direct the selective O-substitution reaction of hydroxyl groups; (c) the use of one reaction – one product approach. Another area of our interest is the acyl transfer reactions in the crystalline state, which has implications on the reaction pathway for the addition of a nucleophile to a carbonyl group.