Pankaj Poddar Research Group @ CSIR-NCL

The Colloidal Nanostructures and Nanomaterials Group

We work on the areas which are highly interdisciplinary in nature around the colloidal nanoparticles and biological objects.

Energy: Materials and strategies for 'solar photovoltics', thermoelectrics, rare earth free hard magnets

Safety, health & environment: Interaction of nanomaterials with cells, drug functionalized nanomaterials, microbial interaction, bioimaging

Materials for next generation four state, non-volatile memory devices: Multiferroic materials


A semester long, 3 credit course (Titled: Advanced instrumentation techniques) in NCL pre-PhD programme 

 It covers the following topics:

1. Electron microscopy (~ 20 lectures, 1.5 h each)

2. Scanning probe microscopy (~ 20 lectures, 1.5 h each)

3. Raman spectroscopy (~ 2 lectures, 1.5 h each)

4. Spectroscopic ellipsometry 

Apart from this I enjoy teaching various topics related to nanoscience, nucleation and growth chemistry of nanoscale materials, condensed matter physics at nanoscale.


Dr. Pankaj Poddar, Senior Scientist  

Mailing Address: Physical & Materials Chemistry Division, CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory, Dr. Homi Bhabha Road, Pune 411008, India

Office Location: Room no-234 Main building, 
Labs: 221 (wet chemistry and microbiology lab), 234 (Physical Property Measurement Setup etc.), 297 (Spectroscopic ellipsometry etc.) Main Building
Phone  +91-20-2590-2580 (office), - 2014 (wet chemistry lab), - 2545 (physical property measurement lab), - 2540 (AFM lab)
Fax +91-20-2590-2636