List of Patents


 P. P. Wadgaonkar, S. S. Kuhire

Bio-based aromatic diisocyanates for preparation of polyurethanes 

WO 2016103283 A1


  S. S. Kuhire, S. S. Nagane, P. P. Wadgaonkar 

Pendant furyl containing bisphenols, polymers therefrom and a process for the preparation thereof 

WO 2015140818A4


  S. S. Nagane, P. S. Sane, B. V. Tawade, P. P. Wadgaonkar 

Novel bisphenol monomers containing pendent azido group and polymers containing pendent azido groups prepared from bisphenol monomers


 WO 2014/073001 A1




P. P. Wadgaonakar, B. D. Sarwade, B. V. Tawade


Process for the preparation of sulfonated 3-pentadecyl phenol ethers as cross linking catalysts

WO 2013/084248 A1




D. Baskaran, P. P. Wadgaonkar, S.K.Menon, Claudio Tonelli


(Per)fluoropolyethers with bi-or ter-phenyl end groups


WO2013/120827 A3




P. P. Wadgaonkar, S.K.Menon, Claudio Tonelli


Process for the manufacture of the functional PFPE derivatives


USP 8975445 B2, March 10, 2015




M.V. Badiger, P. P. Wadgaonkar, A.A. Lele, A.S. Shedge, D. Hourdet, P. Patrick, C. Chassenieux


Hydrophobically modified poly(acrylic acid) [PAA] and process of preparation thereof


USP 7572863 B2, August 11, 2009





A.S. More, P.P. Wadgaonkar


Novel Bisphenol Compounds and Method for Preparation Thereof


USP 7,446,234 B2, November 4, 2008




A.S. More, P.P. Wadgaonkar


Novel 1-Bromo-4-(4’-bromophenoxy)-2-pentadecyl Benzene and Preparation Thereof


USP 7,297,822 B2, November 20, 2007




P.S. Kumar, P.S. Kannan, A.S. More, R. D. Shingte, P.P. Wadgaonkar, M.Sastry


Process for the Preparation of Free Standing Membranes


USP 7,182,894 B2, February 27, 2007




R. Matmour, A.S. More, P.P. Wadgaonkar, Y. Gnanou


Novel dicarbanionic initiator, a process  for the preparation and use thereof

USP 2007/0197723 A1,  August 23, 2007




M.V. Badiger, P.P. Wadgaonkar, A.K. Lele, A.S. Shedge, D. Hourdet, P. Perrin, and C. Chassenieux


Hydrophobically Modified Polyacrylic Acid and Process of Preparation Thereof


USP 2006142501 A1 (2006)




J. Dean, D. Dhara, T.L. Hoeks, C. Leenders, A.S. Patil, B.D. Sarwade, and P.P. Wadgaonkar


Thermoplastic Compostion Containing Polymeric Anti-static Salt, Method of Making, and Use Thereof


US 7,094,861 B2 (2006)




S. K. Chowdhury,  P.P. Wadgaonkar, T. L. Hoeks, A.B. Scholten, S.K.

Rajaraman, B.D. Sarwade and C. V. Avadhani


Antistatic and Antidust Agents, Compositions Thereof and Methods of Manufacture


USP 6,841,598 B2 (2005).




R.D. Shingte and P.P. Wadgaonkar


1,1–Bis(4-aminophenyl) 3-alkylcyclohexanes, and Method of Preparation Thereof


USP 6,790,993 (2004).




V. Srinivasan, R. Faber, P.P. Wadgaonakar, C.V. Avadhani, J.-P. Lens and G. Chatterjee


 Polycarbonate Copolymers  for Optical Disks and Their Preparation


USP 6,689,863 (2004).




S. Sivaram, V. R. Ranade, S. Chakrapani, P.P.Wadgaonkar


Improved Process for Preparation of 1,1,1-Tris(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethane


Indian IN 187237 (2002).




C. V. Avadhani, P. P. Wadgaonkar and S. Sivaram


1,1–Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)3-alkylcyclohexanes, Method for the Preparation and Polycarbonates Prepared Thereform


USP, 6,255, 439 (2001).




S. Sivaram, V. R. Ranade, S. Chakrapani, P.P.Wadgaonkar, P. D. Sybert, G. M. Kissinger and A. K. Mendiratta


Method for Making Tris (hydroxyphenyl) Compounds Using Ion Exchange Resins,


USP 5,969,167(1999).




K.P. Naikwadi and P. P. Wadgaonkar


Liquid Crystal Stationary Phases for Chromatography


USP 5, 900, 144(1999).




N. D. Ghatge, S. P. Vernekar and P. P. Wadgaonkar


A Process for Preparation of Isocyanato-Terminated Diene Prepolymer


Indian Patent 159420 (1983).