PSE Division has state-of-art experimental facilities for characterizing polymeric and  soft materials which allow interrogation of their structure and dynamics over various length and time scales and relate these to their properties.  The Centre is run by Dr SK Bhat and Dr Mrs Deepa Dhobale.

Their contact is :

Dr SK Bhat, (Phone 020 2590 2154;

Mrs Deepa Dhoble (Phone 020 2590 2064;




  • Fluorospectrophotometer
  • DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering)
  • Brookhaven Instruments Corporation (BIC) 90Plus Particle size analyzer
  • 3D-Dynamic Light Scattering Instrument.
  • Zeiss LSM710 Confocal Microscope.
  • Flow Cytometer
  • Fluorescence Microscope
  • Multiskan EX Well Plate Reader
  • Inverted Microscope (for Cell Culture
  • CO2 Incubator (for Cell Culture)
  • Fluorospectrophotometer
  • UV Visible Spectrophotometer
  • Lyophilizer
  • INSTRON (to study the mechanical study of polymers)
  • Nicomp particle size analyser
  • Small angle X ray scattering
  • Wide angle X ray scattering
  • Polar optical microscope
  • Langmuir trough
  • Atomic force microscope
  • Fluorescent microscope
  • Temperature controlled shear stage 
  • Temperature controlled tensile stage
  • ARES Rheometer
  • MCR 301 Rheometer
  • Viskotek-HTGPC High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatograph( Temp range-RT-1600C
  • GPC(Trichlorobenzene)
  • PL 220-HTGPC High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatograph Temp range-RT- 2200C
  • GPC(CHCl3) Gel Permeation Chromatograph
  • GPC(THF) Gel Permeation Chromatograph
  • GPC (DMF) Gel Permeation Chromatograph
  • Aq. GPC Gel Permeation Chromatograph
  • GC (Clarus500)  Gas Chromatograph
  • DMA      Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
  • DSC Q100 Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • DSC Q10 Differential Scanning Calorimeter
  • TGA 5000IR Thermo-gravimetric Analyzer
  • STA6000 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer
  • FT IR Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrometer
  • UPLC Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography
  • UV /Vis Ultraviolet-Visible-near Infra Red Spectrometer
  • Viscometer Auto Viscometer
  • VPO Vapour Pressure Osmometer

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