PSE Division conducts courses for industrial and academic students.   

Academic Courses

You may contact Dr  Ashootosh Ambade ( He can be reached at 020-2590 3221. The Syllabus is categorised as under:

1. Advanced Polymer Chemistry

2. Modern Polymerization Methods for Functional Macromolecules

3. Polymer Physics

4. Polymer Synthesis

5. Polymer Characterisation

6. Polymer Processing and Rheology

7. Special Topics in Polymers

Details are here.

Industrial Training Program


1. SPIRIT (the CoE in Polymers at NCL) Dr HV Pol has conducted various training programme in the past. You may contact him at 020-25902740 ( Some of the courses imparted are ..

          Rheology of Paints and Emulsion (Dec 2012)

          Size Exclusion Chromatography (July 2014)

          Rheology of Polymer Melts (Dec 2014)


2. Dr Neelima Bulakh has conducted ‘Thermal Analysis’ workshops organized by SPIRIT and Venture Center.  You may contact her at 020-2590 3012 (


3. Short Courses -

1. Polyolefins ( 7 day course)

2. Polyolefins (Crash 3 day course)

3. Polymer Science and Engineering (5 day course)

4. Membranes

Clients : Reliance Industries Ltd, General Electric Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Enquiries are welcome! Pl contact Dr AK Lele, Chair, PSE Div (



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