Dr. S. Mayadevi

Research Area

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Kinetics analysis of Chemical Reactions
  • Innovative methods for the production of organic chemicals
  • Catalytic Processes and Catalyst Deactivation
  • Novel Adsorbents and Separation Processes
  • Solid and Liquid Waste Management solutions
  • We strive to apply Chemical Engineering Principles for understanding chemical processes and provide solutions for diverse problems related to industry and environment.


  • Dr. S. Mayadevi
    Senior principal Scientist
    CEPD Division
    Dr. Homi Bhabha Road
    Pune, Maharashtra 411 008
    Phone: +9120 2590 2167
    Fax: +9129 2589 3041
    E-mail s.mayadevi@ncl.res.in