Research Interest:

  • Kinetics of Reactions
  • Catalysis, Catalyst Deactivation
  • Innovative Methods for the Production of Organic Chemicals
  • Novel Adsorbents ans Separation Processes
  • Solid and Liquid waste Management Solurions
  • Ph. D Pune University
  • M.Tech. IIT Madras (First Rank)
  • B.Sc. Eng. Calicut University (First Class with Honours)
  • DIM Symbiosis (2nd Rank)
  • CDAC’s Diploma in Web-enabled Technologies CDAC-URDIP

Professional Experience

  • Working as scientist in NCL since 1983
  • Subbaraju memorial prize from IIT Madras
  • 2nd Rank in DIM
  • AICTE-INAE Distinguished Visiting Professor from the year 2007
  • Recognized as a Ph D guide in Chemistry and Chemical Eng. by Pune University
  • Recognized as a Ph D guide in Chemical Engineering by Mumbai University and Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
  • Life Member of Catalysis Society of India, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers,  Indian Women Scientist'' Association, Indian Science Congress Association

Selected Publications

  • A.K. Prashar, S. Mayadevi and R. Nandini Devi. “Effect of particle size on selective hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde by Pt encapsulated in mesoporous silica” Catal. Commun. 28 (2012) 42-46
  • A.N. Gokarn, A.R. Pande and S. Mayadevi. “Trends towards zero discharge of distillery effluents – Special Report” Chemical Weekly September 18 (2012) 211-215
  • S. Mayadevi, “Reactions in supercritical carbon dioxide” Ind. J. Chem. 51A (2012) 1298-1305
  • S. Mandal, V.S. Patil and S. Mayadevi, “Alginate and hydrotalcite-like anionic clay composite systems: Synthesis, Characterization and Application Studies” Micropor. Mesopor. Mater. 158 (2012) 241-246
  • Atul K. Prashar, S. Mayadevi, P.R. Rajamohanan, and R. Nandini Devi, “In-situ encapsulation of Pt nanoparticles in mesoporous silica: Synthesis, characterisation and effect of particle size on CO oxidation” Appl. Catal. A: General 403 (2011) 91-97
  • S. Mandal and S. Mayadevi, “Fluoride contamination of water: Remediation by adsorption” Book chapter in “Fluoride: Properties, Applications and Environmental Management” Nova Science Publishers, NY 159-176 (2011)
  • P.V. Surse, S. Wagholikar, S. Mayadevi and S. Sivasanker, Alkylation of anisole with 1-hexene and 1-hexanol over zeolite H-beta. Reac. Kinet. Mechanisms and Catal. 103 (2011) 481 – 491
  • J. Vijayakumar, Suresh K Chikkala, Sujata Mandal and S. Mayadevi. Adsorption of cresols on zinc-aluminium hydroxides—A comparison with zeolite X. Sep. Sci. Technol. 46 (2011) 483 – 488