1. Preparation of transition metal alkynyl complexes and study of their catalytic activity for oxidation reactions (DST project)

2. Condensation and Selective Monoesterifiaction of Glycerol Using Mesoporous Silica Supported Molybdenum Oxide Solid Acid Catalysts (NCL funded project).

3. In situ study of catalyst-substrate interaction and reaction intermediates by FTIR spectroscopy (NCL funded project).

4. Synthesis of Chiral a- Methylcysteine, a new approach (NCL funded project).

5. Sulfur Resistant, NOx Storage -Reduction Catalysts for Diesel Exhaust Emission Control (CSIR network project).

6. Development of Catalytic Materials for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx by Hydrocarbons for the Control of NOx from Stationary Sources (CSIR network project).

7. Aqueous Phase reformation of glycerol (DST-DLR Indo-German project).

8. To develop low cost route to silicon tetrachloride (Industry sponcered project).

9. Heteropoly acids supported on titania and mesoporous materials as catalysts for acid and redox organic transformations (DST project).

10. Detoxification of (hydro) chlorofluorocarbons and halons with methane catalytically to reusable hydrofluorocarbons (MoEF, Ministry of environment and Forest).

11. Non zeolite based ammonia SCR, NOx catalysts (Industry sponsored).

12. Study of deactivation of the hydrogenation catalyst (Industry sponsored).

13. Catalytic evaluation of nanoscopic solid fluorides with strong Lewis (AlF3) or both coupled strong Bronsted acidity (MFx-y(OH)y) for important organic transformations, CSIR-BMBF, Indo German collaborative project.

14. As a part of International Associated Laboratory program between CNRS France and CSIR working on three projects (i) Enatioselective catalysis (ii) Environmental Catalysis (iii) Synthesis of heterogeneous catalysts and related surface characterisation

15. Selective oxidation using hydrogen peroxide, CEFIPRA project for Industry cooperation

16. Selective catalytic reduction of  NOx from lean burn automobile engine exhausts by hydrocarbons using metal oxide catalysts (DST project)
17. Development of simple synthetic procedure for transition metal dioxo organometallic complexes using metal oxide precursors for catalytic oxidations (DST project)

18. Nitration of o-xylene using solid acid catalysts  (Industry sponsored project)

19. Dissolution of POP idols (Industry sponsored project)