6 June: Kavya's project got successfully completed in our lab. All the best dear for your future endeavours.

29 Apr: It's party time....party at Santosh's place for completion of comprehensive examination of Divya and Meenakshi...

12 Apr: Meenakshi and Divya cleared comprehensive examination held at BCS division...Congrats to both of you...this demands for a                 party!!!

10 Mar: Santosh gave a talk at 42nd Annual Meeting of the Indian Biophysical Society held at IISER PUNE.

01 Jan: Kavya E joined us as project trainee. Welcome dear!!!


21 Dec: Rucha Kulkarni joined us as project trainee. Welcome to our lab Rucha!!!

11 Dec: Meenakshi got funded by Biophysical Society, USA, to attend the “International Workshop on Modern Biophysical Tools and Techniques” to be held at IIT, Mumbai from December 11-15, 2017.  Congratulations dear!!!!!!

11 Dec: Nirbhik Acharya got upgraded to SPMF-SRF... Heartiest Congratulations to you!!

30 Nov: Prajna won Best Poster Award at Divisional Symposium (Physical and Materials Chemistry Division) held at CSIR-NCL. Congratulations Prajna!!! Let's Party......


23 Nov: Happyyy Birthday Santosh!!!! Celebration @GOA.

27 Oct: Nirbhik, Prajna and Santosh's paper got accepted in PCCP. Congrats to all!!!

13 Sep: Prajna's paper got accepted in Journal of Physical Chemistry B. It's party time!!!

12 Jul: Minnu M. Lal completes her 6 months project. Loved your dedication. Goodluck for your future endeavours.

23 Jun: Anjali Nair completes her project.

16 Jun: Aditi Prabhu completes her project. Looking forward to meet you again.

08 May: Anjali Nair joins us as a project student. Happy learning anjali and welcome to our lab.

03 May: Ammu Surendran completes her project successfully. We will miss you Ammu. Wish you with all the luck for your future. 

24 Apr: Aditi Prabhu joins as a project student. 

28 Mar: Celebrated Prajna's upgradation and Gudi Parwa.


27 Mar: Prajna Mishra got upgraded as SRF. It's party time!!!!

15 Feb: Minnu M. Lal joins us as project student. 


12 Dec: Ammu Surendran joins us as project student. Welcome and have a great learning experience.

23 Nov: Santosh's Birthday Celebration 

14 Nov: Divya's Birthday Celebration

09 Nov: Nirbhik and Prajna presented their research at Protein Folding Consortium, NCBS Bengaluru

09 Nov: Santosh gives a talk at International Symposium on Protein Folding and Dynamics, NCBS Bengaluru

12 Oct: Meenakshi's Birthday Celebration 

21 Sep: Lab Trip to Lohagarh Fort and Bhaja Caves


01 Aug: Divya joined as Phd student. Welcome!!

18 Jul: Meenakshi joined as Phd student.  Welcome!! 



23 Dec: Nirbhik,Prajna and Santosh's paper got accepted in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congrats and Best of Luck!!

01 Jan: Shweta joined our lab as Phd student.



29 Dec: Prajna joined as Phd student. Welcome Prajna!!

01 Aug: Nirbhik joined as Phd student. Welcome!!