We mainly work on the synthesis of nanomaterials (Perovskite, Semiconductors, Plasmonic oxide, metal-semiconductor composite, polymer composite, etc.) and their applications in Energy and the Environment. 

The primary objectives are the rational nanomaterial synthesis, using bottom-up wet chemical techniques targeted towards desired applications by utilizing their fundamental properties, such as SERS, Sensing, Heterogeneous catalysis, Photocatalysis, Water splitting, Optoelectronics, etc.


Our research work:

Ø Syntheses of size and shape-dependent semiconductors, precious metal – silver, gold, platinum, palladium nanoparticles in aqueous, organic medium or as polymer composite and their utilization in various application (e.g. Heterogeneous Catalysis, Environmental Catalysis, SERS, Optical and  Nonlinear optical study)

Important Publications: Journal of Physical Chemistry C (JPCC)., 124, 21082 - 21093 (2020), ChemistrySelect., 4, 6524 - 6531 (2019), Applied Surface Science., 465, 413 - 419 (2019), Indian Patent - IN201711007873 dated Feb 17, 2017, WO patent - WO2018163198 dated Sep 13, 2018, Indian Patent - IN201711007873 dated Sep 14, 2018. Indian Patent - IN2007DE02182 (A) and IN296215 (A1) dated Feb 17, 2017 Apr 22, 2016 and May 4, 2018.

Ø Controlled syntheses of sub-stoichiometric metal oxide nanoparticles, surface modification, tuning their surface plasmon and elucidation of structure-activity relationships

Important Publications: Journal of Physical Chemistry C (JPCC)., 124, 21082 - 21093 (2020)

Ø Kinetics and mechanistic studies of nanoparticle formation and catalysis/photocatalysis/SERS

Important Publications: CrystEngComm., 19, 2096 - 2105 (2017), Journal of Physical Chemistry C (JPCC)., 124, 21082 - 21093 (2020)


Research Project :


1.    "Synthesis, Functionalization and Applications of Transition Metal Oxide Nanoctystals" : CSIR-NCL

2.    "Fabrication of Two Dimentional Arrays of Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Solar Cell Application" : DST-SERB  

3.    “Improved Materials for Green Firecrackers” : CSIR

4.  “Bulk Synthesis of Porous Crystalline Covalent Organic framework-materials for Methane [CH4] Storage: GAIL-India