JRF/Project Assistant

The Chowdhury Lab opens for strongly motivated and enthusiastic JRF (UGC-CSIR-JRF/ ICMR or DBT-JRF, INSPIRE or any other fellowship holders) students who are interested in working on Microbial Genetics and Protein Biochemistry.

PhD students

The Chowdhury Lab is interested to hire highly motivated, passionate and enthusiastic Ph. D. students who are interested in working on Molecular Microbiology.

If interested, please apply through the CSIR-NCL Ph. D. program https://www.ncl-india.org/PhDAdmission/Phd_admission_webpage.htm. Candidate may look through AcSIR website for more details http://acsir.res.in/


PDF: Interested candidate can contact PI (Dr. Chiranjit Chowdhury) for NPDF/DBT RA/Woman Scientist sponsorship.


Project Dissertation/Summer Training: B. Tech/M.Sc./M. Tech students can contact Dr Chiranjit Chowdhury (c.chowdhury@ncl.res.in) for Dissertation and Summer training in Microbial pathogenesis and gut microbiome physiology domain or Microbial biotechnology and synthetic biology domain.