Biopolymer and Biocomposites Lab

Research focus of our group is on advanced biocomposites and fiber materials. Polymers have become a material of choice in a gamut of applications owing to their structural versatility, processability, and lower density. We are interested in developing composite and nanofibrous materials that can address specific challenges in energy, environment and health care. Currently, our major focus is on  biopolymers/bio-derived nanomaterials and leveraging their properties in piezoelectric composites, microencapsulation and additive manufacturing.



Recent Publications

Synthesis of N-oxyethylene substituted imidazolium-based zwitterions as a recyclable solvent for cellulose dissolution
Cellulose, 2022


Nanocellulose/melanin-based composites for energy, environment, and biological applications

J.Mater.Sci. 2022

A Ferroelectric Aminophosphonium Cyanoferrate with a Large Electrostrictive Coefficient as Piezoelectric Nanogenerator

 Angewandte Chem. Int. Ed. 2022