Biopolymer based nanocomposite and nanofibrous materials

  •       Enhancing processability of biopolymers
  •     Preparation of nanocellulose (cellulose nanofibers and cellulose nanocrystals
  •     Preparation and characterization of biocomposites
  •     Electrospinning


Piezo/ferroelectric Composites for Mechanical Energy Harvesting and Sensing

  •      All organic piezoelectric nanogenerators based on films, fibers, and aerogels
  •     Polymer-inorganic hybrid composite mechanical energy harvesters
  •     Vibration, strain and pressure sensors using flexible piezoelectric devices


Polymer Microcapsules

  •        Microencapsulation of fragrances and agrochemicals using 
          matrix and reservoir type microcapsules
  •        Nanocomposite microcapsules 
  •        Structure-property relationships


 Additive Manufacturing/ 3D printing

  •     Fused Filament Fabrication
  •   Developing new materials  and composite filaments for additive manufacturing
  •   Structure-property evaluation