NMR and Peptides Research Group


Current Co-workers 

Ms Abha Dangi (Doctoral Student, CSIR-SRF, June 2017 - )

Mr Sandesh C J (Doctoral Student - Sponsored by BASF, Mumbai)

Mr Abhijit R Patil (Doctoral Student, DST-INSPIRE, June 2019 - )

Mr Sandip M Kamble (Doctoral Student, CSIR-JRF, June 2019 - )

Mr Dinesh R Shinde (Docotoral Student, CSIR-SRF, Sep 2020 - )

Ms Supriya Mahadev Bodake (Doctoral Student, CSIR-JRF, Sep 2020 - )






Mr Sai Akash Gopaluni (BTech summer trainee, currently at John Hopkins University, USA)


Ms Ashwini Chidrewar (Project Assistant)

Dr Archana Ghorpade (Postdoctoral Researcher, SERB-NPDF)


Ms Linsha Kannan (MSc dissertation)












We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated doctoral and project students who like to pursue research. Graduate students who qualify CSIR UGC-JRF are encouraged to walk in interview at CSIR-NCL, Pune for entry into CSIR-NCL doctoral program. The details of the advertisement shall be updated here. For further infromation please visit www.ncl-india.org/files/AcademicProgramme/Admission.aspx.